Codex Antipodes

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Codex Antipodes is rising from Codex Australia. It is open to all the forms of book arts practice. It aims to promote and connect the book arts communities in Australia and New Zealand by

  1. announcing antipodeannews, exhibitions, awards and conferences focusing of the book arts and
  2. describing and discussing individual books by Australian and New Zealander artists and handcraft book makers.

The initial step is a Facebook page.

Posts will be short as Facebook posts usually are. But there will be links to other sites which provide more details and are of interest to the field.

Codex Antipodes is affiliated with the Codex Foundation based in Berkeley California  and a link to the Codex Antipodes will go up on the Foundation’s main website along side CodexMexico, which also has a Facebook page. This will provide the antipodean fine printers and book artists with a channel through which to present their work to an international audience of practitioners and collectors and will allow that audience to see what is going on in the antipodes.

As you might know the Codex Foundation has been hugely successful in gathering the international book arts community together every two years for a symposium and book fair. It is a privilege to be connected with and supported by this organisation.

Visit the Facebook page, check out what’s happening and join today. Let your friends know.