Staple Binding in Stone Veneer – 5 days, Sydney

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Workshop with Coleen Curry from the USA, will introduce one of the fastener techniques using ‘staples’ focusing on a single-section, stone veneer binding.

The text block is prepared separately from the stone veneer cover with primary sewing, mounted onto a tab. Joined to the stone veneer cover using an innovative and conservation-friendly secondary sewing, with hand-made fasteners or ‘staples’ crafted with wire, wood and parchment.

The result is a binding that is easily reversible, opens flat, and in no way alters or affects the text block. The conservation based technique is a fun, contemporary take on a centuries old method of secondary sewing, while using contemporary materials.

Binding will be decorated by cutting into the stone, painting with acrylic and if time allows applying foils.

Basic experience with bookbinding and leather is needed, but more important is attention to detail and creativity.


About the Instructor  |  Coleen Curry

Coleen Curry has exhibited internationally and her work is held in many private collections. She studied at the American Academy of Bookbinding (AAB) with Monique Lallier and graduated in 2009 with a diploma in fine binding.    Coleen has won international bookbinding prizes and her work has been exhibited around the globe.


Date: 11 – 15 April, 2018

Location: Andersen’s Bindery, Sydney

Registration: visit Andersen’s Bindery

Cost: $600, material fee TBA